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  • <em>Underwriters of the United States</em>

    Underwriters of the United States

    Historian Hannah Farber described the role of American maritime insurers during the American Revolution through the…

  • <em>Ways and Means</em>

    Ways and Means

    Author Roger Lowenstein talked about how Abraham Lincoln and his secretary of Treasury Salmon Chase worked together to…

  • <em>Sweet Taste of Liberty</em>

    Sweet Taste of Liberty

    Pulitzer Prize-winning author Caleb McDaniel told the story of Henrietta Wood, an enslaved woman who survived slavery…

  • <em>Thirteen Clocks</em>

    Thirteen Clocks

    Author Robert Parkinson argued that the leaders of the American Revolution motivated colonists to join their cause…

  • <em>Jim Crow and Its Afterlives</em>

    Jim Crow and Its Afterlives

    University of Pennsylvania political science professor Adolph Reed provided a history of the Jim Crow era through the…

  • <em>Reclamation</em>


    A Black descendent of Thomas Jefferson and employee at Monticello, author Gayle Jessup White examined the legacies of her…

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