TV Programs

C-SPAN presents groundbreaking and unique programs on the Supreme Court. Featuring our original documentary production "The Supreme Court: Home to America's Highest Court" as well as an unprecedented collection of original interviews with all 12 living current and former Supreme Court Justices, Supreme Court week offered viewers a rare window into the Supreme Court and those that serve there.

"The Supreme Court: Home To America's Highest Court"

The Supreme Court: Home to America's Highest Court takes an unprecedented look into the Supreme Court, its role, traditions and history of the Court featuring interviews with all the sitting and retired Justices.

Interview with Justice Elena Kagan

Justice Kagan talks about why she became a lawyer, the acclimation process, her first oral argument and conference experiences, and her approach to opinion writing.

Journalists On The Workings Of The Supreme Court

Journalists and Authors Lyle Denniston and Joan Biskupic talk about their impressions of covering the Court, the process that unfolds there, the role of the Chief Justice, and the impact that a new member of the Court potentially has.

Clerk Of The Supreme Court William Suter

William Suter talks about the role of the Clerk, the traditions of the Court, the process people must go through to get the Court to hear their cases, and his job during Oral Argument in the Supreme Court Chamber.

Historians On The Supreme Court Building

We first hear from historian Jim O'Hara on the idea behind creating a new building for the Supreme Court. In the second part of the program we hear from Frank Gilbert, the grandson of Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis.

Attorneys Who Have Argued Before The Court

Drew Days III, Former U.S. Solicitor General & Former Supreme Court Law Clerk and current appellate attorney Maureen Mahoney talk about preparation for oral argument, and what the experience itself is like in the Supreme Court Chamber.

Justices Kennedy, Ginsburg, Scalia & O'Connor interviews

Each of the Justices talk about the process that unfolds at the Supreme Court – from how they decide to take cases through the final opinions of the Court. They also talk about the role of a Supreme Court Justice, and the impact of a new Justice on the Court will have.

Justices Sotomayor, Breyer, Thomas, & Alito interviews

Justice Sotomayor reflects on her first impressions of the job and the acclimation process. Justice Breyer takes us behind the scenes on a private tour of his Chambers as he describes how the Court works. And Justice Alito appears to talk about the role of the Court, and the job of transferring the duties of Junior Justice to Justice Sotmayor.

Chief Justice Roberts & Justice Stevens interviews

Chief Justice Roberts talks about the Supreme Court building, the role of the Court in Society, the role of the Chief Justice, as well how the process of deciding cases happens at our nation’s highest Court. Also, the Court's most senior Associate Justice – John Paul Stevens, takes us beyond the Courtroom and into his Chambers for an insider’s look at life on the Court and his tenure there.