About C-SPAN Original Productions

In 2006, C-SPAN began producing original programs and documentaries shot in high definition video. With the debut of the groundbreaking production of The Capitol, the first ever documentary done on this American landmark, C-SPAN production teams have continued to delve into some of our country’s most famous and iconic buildings that help tell the story of our nation. Our productions of The White House and Blair House are the two most recent examples of our original productions. In October 2009, we will debut our next HD special “THE SUPREME COURT: HOME TO AMERICA’S HIGHEST COURT.

Led by Peabody award winning producer Mark Farkas, The Supreme Court: Home to America’s Highest Court” is the result of months of production inside the Supreme Court as we gained access to all of the living Supreme Court Justices and Former Justices for on camera interviews and tours of some of their chambers to gain an insight into how the nation’s highest Court functions and how they approach their jobs. In addition, we take the view not only into its public spaces such as the Great Hall and the Courtroom, but also into many of its private spaces such as the Robing Room, the Lawyers Lounge, The Justices’ Private Dining Room, and the Supreme Court Library.